Testimony of Jessica, gold digger (2)

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Testimony of Jessica, gold digger (2)

Yes, I am a special kind of gold digger! I go to the special stream that is the Bible to unearth beautiful nuggets!

Gold digger in the Bible

I have discovered that the Bible is full of principles and God’s promises that are useful for the well-being of humanity.   I glean them from my reading and write them down in a notebook. They comfort me in due time, for they remind me of who I believe in and what His potential of action is for those who trust in Him.

Gold digger? Each week, I spend some time following meditations and vocal Bible teachings on a theme, in order to keep a good foundation in Jesus Christ. And I follow a structured reading plan to read through the whole Bible in a year (3 chapters in the Old Testament and 1 in the New every day).

I am also enriched by the house meetings, the sharing of the Bible with other believers and the services on Sunday. If I can’t attend them, I listen to them offline.

Making some discoverings like the gold diggers

Through my readings and the various Bible studies mentioned above, I become familiar with God’s will: I learn to know what He likes and what He doesn’t like, and my daily life as a whole is influenced in a positive and constructive way.

For example, my reactions to difficulties change. By practising looking up to Jesus and living in the present moment, I am less inclined to let my thoughts spiral out of control. In this way I am less easily disturbed by what might or might not happen, because I am able to take a step back. I think with more lucidity, common sense, and measure. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not, but don’t get discouraged…

Like gold diggers, my motivation to dig fluctuates

However, like gold diggers, my motivation fluctuates, especially when I think of all the activities I will have to do. But I have noticed that when I honour God and give Him time, he gives it back to me; for example, my husband may spontaneously offer to do one of the chores I had planned, or I may become more efficient in my activities. Therefore, I have made the decision to devote at least one moment a day to the Bible, no matter whatever good excuses I might have to get out of it.

And I read it, even if I don’t feel very hungry… Even if I don’t feel 100% connected to God, I make the choice to read it… sometimes it takes longer for my heart to be touched, but eventually it melts and is richly supplied. I am a special gold digger who gets rich from the Bible!


THE BIBLE was truly written by people inspired by a loving God, for people like you and me!

“I rejoice in your word, as one who finds great treasure„  (Ps. 119:162).

Jessica, gold digger

Are you a gold digger who rejoices in the Word of God?

God is on your side! Have a beautiful day!