God, the Almighty, does not act alone

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The Almighty does not act alone.

This story is also in Mark 6:34-44

God, the Almighty, does not act alone

God, the Almighty?

Yes, God is the Almighty! and yet we are surprised that we don’t see His intervention here and there…

How is it possible?

In fact, because we believe in God’s omnipotence, we passively wait for Him to act in so many situations, and very often nothing happens! We imagine that if God wants to do something on earth, He can and He will do it all by Himself… this is false! The Almighty has chosen to do many things in this world through men, women and children.

By humans, through them

He wishes to act on this earth through people who want to see Him intervene and who expressly tell Him so, by making themselves available.

God, the Almighty, is waiting for our collaboration

It is not a matter of waiting for Him to act, but a matter of placing our desires on God’s side by reaffirming to Him everyday that we wish to see Him at work and that, as such, we place ourselves entirely at His disposal so that He can move through us.

I would like to illustrate this with a well-known story from the Gospel of John, chapter 6, verses 1 through 15; it is the story of a child who brings Jesus five loaves of bread and two fish… not much in the face of over 5000 hungry people! And yet the crowd was abundantly fed, and there were even twelve baskets of leftovers!

Every christian is able to collaborate with the Holy Spirit in him

Jesus, who was God, and therefore all-powerful, had the ability to perform a miracle by producing food from nothing to feed the crowd that was with Him… yet He did not! He waited for a human being to bring Him his portion from which He provided food for the hungry crowd. Compared to the number of people present, those five loaves and two fish were insignificant!

Let us bring our “5 loaves and 2 fishes”

In fact, it is thanks to the “almost nothing” that we bring to Him that God works wonders! He expects this material or immaterial “almost nothing” from each of us!

We bring something and He will multiply it

Therefore let us be encouraged today not to look down on “our five loaves and two fish”, but to bring them to the Lord. He will multiply them beyond whatever we could have ever imagined and our consecrated portion will allow Him to intervene marvellously to feed our relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, our region, our country and even beyond!

Since the Almighty does not act alone, let us not remain passive and wait for divine intervention; let us not limit the Lord, but instead let us bring to Him what we have; let us bring to Him the gifts with which He has graced us and consecrate to Him all our “little things”, whatever they may be. These will be the building blocks for Him to work abundantly, far beyond what we could have imagined even in our wildest dreams for this world!

The Almighty does not act alone!

God is on your side! Have a great day!