Faith and discomfort

Faith and discomfort?


The Bible’s most unbelievable stories required baffling faith, which people found ridiculous until the miracle occurred. However this faith became an object of admiration once the expected miracle took place or the promise had been fulfilled!


Here are some examples of faith and discomfort:


Obedient to divine injunction and full of trust in his God, Noah took years to bild an ark and was made fun of by his peers. He persevered because he had a goal in view. Time has proven it was right… We appreciate the moment when the miracle happens, but not the time leading up to it. Why? Because we are often the butt of the joke during this period. This requires so much perseverance!


Abraham had to leave his country, his homeland and his family, and go to a country he did not know. Without map or compass. With the only promise of God that told him that He would show him this land, and make him a great nation, and bless him.

Abraham had that promise. However, he had to wait a very long time for it to come to pass. God even asked him to do something that seemed to go against this promise and that would totally ruin its fulfilment. Yet, Abraham believed in God. He was ready to do whatever God asked of him and he was rightly accredited for it. Abraham is even called the father of faith.


Pursued by Pharaoh and his army, the people of Israel soon found themselves facing the sea. Through Moses’potent faith, it was as if a tsunami took place: the sea receded. The Israelites were able to pass through the parted sea, while remaining dry, as the waterspout closed over their enemies… We appreciate the moment when the miracle occurs, but not the time leading up to it, when we are the target of attacks from everywhere, when we have the impression that everything is blocked…

Note that a miracle takes place only when the situation requires it: because there is a lack, an unsolvable crisis, no alternative, or because God wants to teach something in particular to the people who witness it.


Despite their fear of the people who had settled in the area, Joshua and Zerubbabel returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt God’s altar there. They undertook what seemed right and within their reach, even though they did not have a full vision of God’s plan for the temple to be rebuilt.


Like all these characters full of faith, let us set out by undertaking what is within our reach. By being humble and faithful in these first steps – in our eyes rather insignificant and perhaps even despicable – we give God the opportunity to equip us little by little and to lead us in the works that he has prepared for each of his children.

Thus, let us fix our eyes on our living Lord and praise him: it is not by our power or our strength that we can have an impact, but by the Spirit of God who is the ruler of the universe! By realizing who he is, our faith will be strengthened! God’s purpose will become even clearer and our mission will grow as we remain dependent on Him every step of the way. Promises will be fulfilled.

God is on your side!

Have a beautiful day!