Coffee break or desert break? (2)

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by Edwina | "Coffee break or desert break?" (2)

Coffee break or desert break? (2)

This message is a continuation of the message of the same name (Coffee break or desert break 1).

It is also part of Resource 6 which you can find on the website.

Experiencing a desert, a challenge?

I’ve noticed a particular pattern in many people: an event occurs in their life that stops them suddenly: a failure, a family or marital problem, an accident, an illness, a burn out, the loss of a job or of a loved one… in their weakness and vulnerability, they are stopped, forced to let go… at long last!

Perhaps in that moment they do not understand what is happening to them and the Christians pray: “Lord, get me out of this, you said that we would not be tempted beyond our strength, but you see that I cannot go on any longer and that I cannot take it anymore! Help me, Lord!” In reality, they are experiencing a word from Hosea 2:14:

“Therefore, behold, I will draw her out, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her – to her heart.”

In the Bible, the desert is a symbol of trial, challenge.

A desert break because God has something to say to us?

Like the children of Israel in the Old Testament, or like many of the characters in the Bible, we need to be led into the wilderness, away from the noise and distractions of the world, because God has something He wants to say to us. Something about ourselves. He wants to reveal us to ourselves.

He allows circumstances of drought so that we can finally be still and hear what He is revealing to us about ourselves, so that we can know ourselves and understand the absolute necessity of being transformed, of allowing ourselves to be moulded and filled by His Spirit so that we can live liberated and serve Him adequately.

A desert break allowing God to change our hearts

These times of forced pause allow God to highlight characteristics of our personality that do not honour Him, so that having become aware of them, we can experience deep cleansing and lasting transformation. God will change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh to prepare us for a future that honours Him. Those times of preparation that unsettle us, even revolt us, will become blessed times that open us to new horizons.

A desert break… and we are led to see who Jesus is

After becoming aware of who we are, we are led to see who Jesus is. We are impressed by His humanity, so fine and balanced. Prayers flow out.

From these special moments, we come away understanding various verses or Bible passages that were previously misunderstood. For example, Deuteronomy 29:3-6 and Job 42:5:

“But until today, Lord, I had no heart to understand, no eyes to see, no ears to hear… You led me into the wilderness and… now my eye has seen you”.

Romans 8:28 also makes sense: “All things work together for good to those who love God.”

God is on your side, folks!

Have a nice day!