Jesus, a communication Pro

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Jesus, a communication Pro

Jesus was interested in people. He allowed people to grasp what he was saying, as long as they were interested in it: Jesus, a communication Pro.

Jesus communicated with simple words

In fact, Jesus used everyday events to illustrate spiritual principles or to convey teachings that were useful in everyday life, or to reveal God’s character traits. He would refer to his listeners usual activities, such as drinking, eating, resting, clothing, sowing, cultivating, cleaning, caring, celebrating, etc.

In his parables, Jesus spoke about water, food, bread, rest, clothing, family, housework, seeds, plants, crops, various illnesses, death, life, celebrations, friendship, marriage, fatherhood, a pearl, treasure, etc.

Some illustrations

Here are some examples:

– To the Samaritan woman who came to fetch water from the well, he presented himself as the living water that could refresh her and quench her inner thirst.

– To the hungry crowd, whom he fed with bread after multiplying it, he presented himself as the true bread of life, that nourishes people in their innermost being and satisfies their hunger.

– To James, John and Simon, who were fishermen on Lake Gennesaret, Jesus announced that they would become fishers of men.

Even today, there is no need to make things complicated when talking to people who do not yet believe in Jesus. Effectively, if we take interest in them from the heart, truly loving them, we will remain humble and learn from them; through conversations, we will pick up on elements that we can then base an appropriate message that will speak to them and favour their encounter with their Saviour.

Here is an actual illustration: let us imagine that we are in the presence of a market gardener, a farmer, a landscape architect, a florist, a biologist, a geologist or a geophysicist… someone who evoke the earth in their own way.

Let us be receptive to their explanations and prayerfully seek to link their knowledge of the field with spiritual realities that will help them to make connections with the Lord.

A quality of presence during the interactions

Indeed, it is not the quantity of words that come out of our mouths that counts. It is our presence… It is the quality of our presence that allows a true encounter. Like Jesus, let us be open to each of our interlocutors, whoever they may be. From a place of true love, let us demonstrate real listening. Let us be attentive to what they have to say, while still being sensitive to what God wants to convey to them. Following the example of Jesus, let us respect them. Let us have a heart full of positive feelings towards them. The interactions will be constructive.

Jesus… a communication PRO!

“Lord, I lack wisdom and ask you for it, because I want to grow in the way I interact with people. You who are the PRO of communication, you who reach out to people, you who care about them and offer them such a beautiful presence. Pour your love into my heart and reflect it back to the people I interact with, in your way.”

Jesus, a communication PRO!

God is on your side! Have a beautiful day!



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