Experiencing inner healing


go through death

Experiencing inner healing

Martin Bühlmann’s testimony
Experiencing inner healing or going through the valley of death

Jesus never promised us He would spare  us from challenges, wounds and problems. However, He promised that we would never be alone or abandoned in the valleys of hurt and death. He promised that He would always be with us!

Where does pain lead us?

Disappointments, wounds, pain and trial always have some sort of meaning. They can lead us to the Father, if we want them to.

My daughters’ assault

When our three daughters were sexually assaulted and told us about it, our first reaction was: “how can we help our daughters face this unspeakable pain?”

They were supported and followed up with by qualified professionals. Our daughters also experienced God’s intervention. They went through successive inner healings.

A desire for revenge

Soon enough after all the drama, as a father, I ruminated, had intrusive thoughts of revenge and I hoped that God himself would ensure that justice would be served for those criminals.

But I soon realized that by feeding into such dark thoughts, I was only taking on a heavy load that was destroying me day by day. It became imperative that I go through inner healing.

I rather opted for the healing of my daughters

So, I came to Jesus, asking not only for our daughters to be healed, but also for those delinquents to be forgiven.

Step by step, I was able to choose forgiveness

Without denying how painful the past was, I started choosing forgiveness: I actively entered a process of forgiveness. The more I chose to forgive, the more I felt comfort from the Holy Spirit in my “personal valley of death” (Ps. 23:4).

 I decided to forgive

Forgiving is first and foremost an act of our will. It’s a decision from which our inner peace takes root and begins to grow, as it is a freeing process. The more I followed the path of forgiveness, the more I was at peace and able to start living again, taking control of my life. These many inner healings reconnected me to life.

How are my daughters?

As for my three daughters, thanks to the appropriate help from professionals as well as the Lord’s and close ones’ assistance, each one of them has been able to move forward, at their own pace, in order to never relive the past. In other words, they all experienced successive healings that freed them. Today, they are happy.


We have passed through the valley of death and experienced healing.

We cannot blame God
for the sins of the world,
but we can let Him heal us
from the sins of the world.

Martin Bühlmann