Watercolor by Sabine Picard, painter. Work created for Viametanoia © 2022 – All rights reserved.


Experiencing inner healings to live liberated

Watercolor by Sabine Picard, painter. Work created for Viametanoia © 2022 – All rights reserved.


Experiencing inner healings to live liberated


On this page “Resources”, we are pleased to offer you here a training in several steps, which we will complete little by little.

To be successful and and contribute to your own liberation, this training absolutely requires your personal involvement. To reach spiritual maturity, everyone needs to work on themselves by dealing with their past, especially their wounds and traumas… and we all have them!

God wants you in good health.

God wants you to be healed inside; your COLLABORATION is essential, starting by RECOGNIZING your condition, that you need healing…

“The Lord heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds” (Ps. 147.3)



Resource 1: Sensibilisation

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I know what my injury is

If you already know one of the sources of your discomfort, if you have already identified an injury that is impacting your life today, then this awareness phase is not currently for you. Perhaps you will resort to it at another time, to identify another wound, of which you are not yet aware today.

For now, skip ahead to the next stage of training.

I have not yet identified the wound of my past that is still acting so much on my present

This awareness phase is currently for me.

Resource 1: steps

Step 1

An experience to get you into the swing of things… OR to seek to identify the origin of what feels dysfunctional or uncomfortable.


Step 2

Close your eyes. Think of a recent situation where you felt:

–         a very strong negative emotion that was DISPROPORTIONATE                                                


–          an invading negative feeling (that could be unclear or not) that triggered an OVERREACTION 

Step 3

Open your eyes.

Notice this emotion…

Examples: sadness, grief, melancholy, disappointment, guilt, irritation, annoyance, anger, revolt, fear, anxiety, anguish, low self-esteem, feeling of inferiority, frustration, envy, jealousy, rivalry, resentment, aggression, hatred, desire revenge, violence, accusation, reproach, shame, contempt, discomfort, feeling of insecurity, pride, feeling of great loneliness, refusal to forgive, feeling of omnipotence, excessive self-protection, etc.

Step 4

Take this emotion to God and talk to him about it…

This experience can give you the opportunity to go back step by step to an primal and significant experience from your past, that is still rotting your life today! As soon as a memory comes back to you, talk to your Lord about it.

 For that moment on, it will be as if you were pulling the thread of a ball of yarn that had been wrapped tightly around a central element over the course of several years! 

Step 5

Today, you are giving yourself the opportunity to be healed.

Step 6

There is a way to progress.

From now on, each time you have a strong negative feeling and a disproportionate reaction compared to the reality of a situation, write this experience down. This will serve as base to work up from. 

 Following whatever it is that’s overwhelming you, do not go through it alone; find support.   


Do not return to wounds and traumas that have already been taken into account, healed, treated.

 Do you ever feel disappointed in yourself, perhaps even to the point of doubting your salvation when you consider your condition?

You are suffering from your excessive negative emotions /reactions, your overwhelming negative feelings, you may also have addictions… these are all “chains” that highlight real inner suffering that has not yet received any treatment, and who testify to an urgent need to experience healings.

Illustration through a volcano

Our overreactions and inappropriate behaviours can be compared to the eruptions of a volcano. They are manifestations of an intense activity out of sight, and often even hidden from us, for a long or short period of time in one or more inner “chambers”, which are bubbling up deep within us and can no longer be contained.

We can therefore understand that our wounds – however old they may be – appear to be dormant, but are very active in our innermost being. Some of them, we know of, others we do not.

When certain conditions are met, an eruption takes place; this can be sudden and violent, or more ‘gentle’; in any case, it is better that living beings are not around when it happens, because it destroys, causes disasters and can lead to death (of the relationship for example)!

Resource 2

State of affairs   


Even old wounds that you have not taken care of often act unknowingly on your mind and are the cause of inappropriate behaviour, various addictions, sins, because they impact your whole being, starting with your thoughts… In fact, it is impossible to reach spiritual maturity without dealing with and caring for your wounds and traumas.

Jesus paid the price for you to experience true liberation!


Do you want to find out what repentance is? So check out resource 5 now! There you will find an audio as well as a summary of what repentance really is! Therefore, I wish you an enriching listening and reading, which promote your full restoration!

Audio - part A

by Nicole and Edwina | State of affairs

Audio - part A - WITH MUSIC

by Nicole and Edwina | State of affairs

Audio - part B

by Nicole and Edwina | State of affairs

Resource 3

Living some metanoia


… perhaps in silence and contemplation, asking the Lord to give you his light through the Holy Spirit. Do not fear this light. It is warm, beneficial, never excessive. God gives you light on yourself in the right measure … little by little … as much as you can bear. His purpose? TO HEAL YOU…

Be assured that God is gracious. Take time to open yourself to his light and follow up with prayer that is specific to what he has shown you…

Resource 4

Name things

In our illustration of GONG, the mallet or wand represents the circumstances of the present moment that come to “tap” on an old experience stored in us. Our old wound resonates… and we react… and act…

These actions in 2023 are inadequate because they are strongly determined by these old painful experiences, these traumas, of which we are not necessarily aware… hence the need for them to be highlighted in our eyes.

Resource 5: the 4 « R’s »

Strands or threads of thoughts in prayer that lead us to live a liberated life


Repentance is a way to live freed and to live at peace with God, with oneself and with others. It consists of 4 actions:

 1. Recognise

As soon as we identify a sin, we recognise it by confessing it to the Lord, and we receive His forgiveness.

2. Resist and give up

We declare that we resist the evil spirits who want us to continue committing the sin that we have just recognised again and again. It is claimed that with the power of the resurrection of Jesus, one is able to give it up.

3. Replace and renew

By approaching the Lord, we allow Him to replace bad behaviour with His behaviour, with His attitude, with something divine. The Bible talks about the fruits of the Spirit. We ask God to renew our heart, our thoughts, our will, our emotions, our feelings, precisely in the area we have just recognised.

4. Receive and rejoice

By faith, we allow ourselves to be filled with the Holy Spirit to walk in the grace and peace of God. We are filled with joy having identified and dismantled a stronghold, and to experience true liberation!

This is how we taste more and more of God’s love, of His peace, of His joy and that we enter into self-realization and fulfilment, into our destiny in an even better way. In other words, the more inner liberations we experience, the more we can lead our lives by aligning ourselves with the Lord and accomplishing the works He has prepared in advance for each and every one of us.

Christian life is exciting!

The end of this lesson is inspired by Living free! Live liberated! from Mike Riches, 2008. https://www.amazon.com/Living-Free-Recovering-Gods-Design/dp/097977988X


Here are some practical illustrations:

Resource 6

Scan me, Lord!

I also invite you to pray with this verse, on the basis of this verse:

“Examine me, O Lord, put me to the test, try my mind and my heart.  for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love” (Ps. 26:2-3)

In the Old Testament, “the kidneys” are where emotions and affection lie; “the heart” has a broader meaning than”the kidneys”, it includes not only the emotional aspect, but also thoughts, reflection, will, determination, courage, memory, conscience.

The heart is sometimes translated as “the inner man”.

Let yourself be SCANNED more and more by God

in every part of your being

without forgetting that you are a beneficiary of GRACE.

Use the “4 R’s” for all that comes to light.

So see Resource 5… and receive from God the opposite characteristic of what the divine scan has brought to light and that you have just recognised.

Resource 7

Forgiveness and liberation

Experiencing inner healing allows us to enter into a process of forgiveness towards someone who has hurt us, in one way or another.

The following article illustrates this point:

Be an agent of your transformation


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