What is God’s plan for me?

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by Nicole and Edwina | God's plan for me

Noah’s story in Genesis:

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What is God’s plan for me?

Identify God’s plans for your life
What is God’s plan for me?

Recently, I re-read the story of Noah’s ark in Genesis 6.

Following a word from God, Noah set out to build a boat, taking into account all the divine instructions that would ensure the success of his enterprise.

The website and blog you are now visiting exist because it was a project that God placed on my heart. I knew I had to pass on what God had given me, what He had allowed me to know about Him. But there was one big problem: my lack of technical skills to carry out this project! So I turned to the Lord and told Him that I had His business at heart, that I had understood His expectations, but that I could not see how to carry them out practically. I experienced intense moments of prayer. A few days later, I met a young Christian architect who said to me: “Nicole, God has put on my heart to help you create your website”!

 Since I hadn’t told anyone about this project before, you can imagine my surprise! From then on, the plan that God had laid on my heart began to take shape. And now, we are still depending on God to maintain the site and the blog. We do not rely on our common sense but seek His guidance. This is how we experience and will continue to experience the renewal of our strength, without growing weary or tired.

God’s project… in other languages?

Furthermore, the Lord put on our hearts to create this website ang blog in other eastern European languages. As a result, you can now find translated versions in Romanian.

In addition, we have been led to translate the website and blog in Lingala.

Entering into the works that God has prepared for each of us

 I would like to encourage you to enter into the works that God has prepared in advance for each of you. Seek Him out to identify what He wants from you! Invest your talents in God’s enterprise! Do not undermine your contribution, however small it may seem to you! Do not rely primarily on yourself, but go forward depending on His guidance, His inspirations at every step!