Le Tout-Puissant n'agit pas seul
Le Tout-Puissant n'agit pas seul

Amazing grace (2)

Testimony by Arianne
Arianne’s testimony after open-heart surgery

Nowadays, with medicine, it’s possible to shut down all vital functions of a human body, and trust un external machine to continue pumping blood throughout the body.

Having just lived, without knowing, this experience, I am impressed and admiring of this. On the one hand, the professor of cardiac surgery, a very skilful genius who replaced a heart valve, surrounded by specialists who mainly monitored my body,  and on the other hand, a machine, studied and designed by humans, to ensure blood circulation and  oxygen supply throughout the operation. What prowess! How ingenious!


What happened next is even more incredible to me! Once the heart surgery is complete, the specialists disconnect the heart-lung machine and restore the body with its vital functions; the heart begins to beat on its own. Sometime later, I’m able to breathe on my own again. Soon enough, the other vital functions also come back around. Doctors induce all this with medication. Once again, these human beings are geniuses!

And right then, I see the miracle: who else but God, my Creator, who is above all human decisions, could have once again breathed life into my nostrils? Who else could make me breathe again?

I remember that at some point during the intervention, I saw people coming towards me, in a splendid light and through a magnificent green meadow! And my sight was clear, I saw everything as if with 20/20 vison, whereas in normal human life I have poor sight! I felt good!

I felt good

Suddenly, everything became blurry and unpleasant again, I became aware of excruciating pain. I was “back” in intensive care…

Certainly, I had chosen life! But at some point, I couldn’t choose anything anymore.

“I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life, that you may live, you and your posterity. » (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Of course, I am a fighter. But the throughout the duration of the operation and during the hours that followed, I was totally weak and completely dependent on God’s decision for me.


My God gave me life once again! I am grateful to him. I live! AMAZING GRACE! Indescribable grace! My God, my King, how great you are!

You who are going through trials, I would like to encourage you to rely on the Lord, to entrust your fate to him, to lean on him, because he is your rock. God is with you. Jesus stands between your suffering and you, think about it, it will help you. I encourage you to rest in the arms of your Heavenly Father. Be blessed and renewed, whatever you are going through. I can testify, it is worth it.

Arianne, a few days after open-heart surgery.


With my heartfelt thanks to Professor Kirsch and the entire medical team at CHUV, in Lausanne, Switzerland.