Michele’s testimony: in the shadow of your wings

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Le Tout-Puissant n'agit pas seul

by Michele and Edwina | In the shadow of your wings

Michele’s testimony: in the shadow of your wings

A fulfilled life

I wrote these lines to share what lifted me up and is the reason I breathe today. From an ordinary life, I moved on to a fulfilled, happy life, a life that I wish for everyone.

I received a catholic education and at home, my mother taught me to pray before I went to sleep. I particularly remember the times of prayer with my grandmother from my mother’s side, when she would come to spend a few days with us. Unforgettable moments of joy and tenderness.

God began to become a part of my life

It is therefore very naturally, that God became part of my life. Nature was also a painting, testifying to an incredibly beautiful and powerful Creator, and just looking at it made me feel blissful. From near or far, I rubbed shoulders with a God I knew to be alive. And even if I didn’t pay much attention to it, I knew how to turn to Him when in need.

Soon, a desire to participate in Bible courses and to follow an Alpha course (meetings to discover the Christian faith) arose in me. By approaching the Scriptures, I approached the divine source. This led me to let go of  the unfounded beliefs often conveyed by religions or mundane culture, and allowed me to see a universe that I felt was true, though it still seemed out of reach. Even though I was only gaining theoretical knowledge, it was through this that God prepared me for what awaited me. In 2006, during a time of immense suffering, He was able to join me.

God’s love to be restored

In my cramped kitchen, as I was like a rag on the ground, almost lifeless, I had the strange feeling of God’s love seizing me, picking me up and placing me on the cross, not to put me to death –that was already done – but to get me (back) on my feet and give me life (again). My distress having taken over, I let myself be joined by God.

Yes! God’s love picked me up and I experienced its power. Even as my relationship with my husband was broken, I felt uplifted and carried by God. I tasted His presence, and thanks to Him, I had the courage to look down on my situation and take it on. God did not take away my suffering but, by accompanying me through it, He helped me to carry it. From theoretical knowledge, I moved on to a concrete experience through a lively relationship with Jesus. From then on, I never felt alone or desperate again. The strength of God’s love restored me. Despite the pain, happiness came into me. I was able to forgive.

 In the shadow of His wings

I understood that the life promised by Jesus is not only for after earthly death, but it’s also our human life, here and now, gifted to us as soon as we allow ourselves to be joined by God. This is how I decided to trust Him, to put my hand in His and accept His love.

Even though 2006 was the hardest year of my life, it was also the most beautiful, because the Lord was my help and because for the very first time, I snuggled up in the shadow of His wings. Since then, my soul has become attached to Him and I follow Him (Psalm 63:7-9). My life has meaning, and a core of happiness lives in my heart.

As one of my friends said, God is a gentleman, He does not force anyone, but He invites: If you hear His voice and open the door to Him, He will come into your house and have supper with you, and you with Him. I can testify to this: to open your heart to Him, to meet Him, is to find Life.

Regardless of situations, I know how to live a happy life… I have the means to lead a fulfilled life! Michele