Favorable circumstances?

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by Edwina | Devotionals "Favorable circumstances, or not?"

Last update: 3th February 2023

Favorable circumstances, or not?

Everything’s good!

You have great self-confidence that allows you to believe in a bright future. Nothing scares you, you feel strong and able to face any circumstance in life, because you are a winner. You will succeed where others have failed! Besides, the titles you have obtained don’t they prove your value?

And suddenly unfavorable circumstances arise…

And suddenly an arduous situation arises, which you consider at first as a simple challenge to be overcome. You stand up, convinced not only of being up to the task of managing these troubles, but also of demonstrating your many abilities!

Events are becoming more complex… but it would take more than that to destabilize you! As they become more and more stressful, you discover yourself in a still unknown light.

For example, you notice that lack of sleep affects your abilities and your performance, whereas in your eyes you were a competent, efficient person who was effective at all times.

You find yourself responding with little kindness – even aggressively – to a colleague who does not share your opinion when you had the image of a person of rare social intelligence! Confused, you notice some personal shortcomings that you were far from suspecting.

In short, one way or another, your appearance is cracking and showing disconcerting cracks. You even suffer one or more failures. And even though you struggle and continue to assert your beautiful confidence, you begin to doubt yourself… and God… because suddenly you find Him responsible for what is happening to you… How could He let the situation deteriorate like this? Anger and revolt grip you.

Circumstances reveal a flaw, a lack

In fact, the crisis you are going through reveals a hole – even several – in the edifice of your life and your personality. Nevertheless, all of these painful events are actually hidden blessings.

These unfavourable circumstances reveal your weaknesses and shortcomings

In His sovereignty, God allowed these circumstances to shed light on the frailties that should no longer be ignored and that would have caused the collapse of your building. Through these circumstances, your dysfunctions, which would have produced catastrophes and an inestimable waste of years, are brought to light. God shows you that you need Him to succeed in your life.

You need the operation of the Holy Spirit

Thanks to this stressful experience, you are able to recognize your need for God and invoke Him, which you would never have done in the event of permanent “good weather„. You open your heart. The marvelous Person of God reveals Himself to you a little. The more you turn to Him, the stronger your trust in a loving God grows. Whatever the present situation, you find yourself thanking Him for everything, especially for the current circumstances that are imperfect in your eyes but which have brought you to Him.

You bless Him

You bless His name; praises come out of your mouth. The peace of God invades your heart; you understand in your heart of hearts that God has drawn you to Himself and that He has a perfect plan for your life. This plan could involve going through situations that you would not have wished for, but that  highlight cracks on which work has to be done, in partnership with Him. You have just taken an important step, to be repeated often: trusting God and waiting on Him by fixing your eyes on Him rather than on the circumstances.

Your faith is growing stronger

And often, after a while, as your faith strengthens, as your relationship with this loving God deepens through prayer, praise, worship, contact with the Bible and other Christians, you discover with surprise that events take an unexpected turn…

God is in your favor! Have a great day!