A time to shower and wash?


Le Tout-Puissant n'agit pas seul

A suggestion: base your prayers on the Bible: e.g. 1 John 1:7, 9; 2:2. Jesus is your Advocate, his blood speaks for you.

Another suggestion: base your prayers on Bible passages such as 1 John 2:12-17:

“Lord, I am in the world but I do not belong to the world; I belong to you. I do not want to love the things that are in the world, for if I did, the Father’s love could not abide in me. I reject the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, which in my case means /…/. The world passes away, and so does its lust. But he who does the will of God abides forever. I choose you, Lord. Thank you, you set me free. I consecrate myself to you.”

A possible follow-up: repair a wrong we have done, if God asks us to.

God is on your side, folks! Have a great day!

A time to shower and wash?

Our hands, ears and eyes need cleaning!

We are believers and we live for God without having to isolate ourselves like hermits. Walking in this world and bathing in various atmospheres to which we quickly become accustomed, we are regularly splashed with worldly filth that interferes with our relationship with our God. Isn’t it a time to shower and wash?

An allegory

Here is an allegory from the Bible: to testify that Aaron was dedicated to God, Moses took blood from a ram and put a drop of it on the lobe of Aaron’s right ear, on the thumb of his right hand and on the big toe of his right foot (Lev. 8:22-23). Odd right?

That’s right! We get dirty

– first of all, through our senses, which are the means we have at our disposal to interact with the world around us, and which are represented here by the ear.

– then through our daily journeys, the places we walk by and go to. In the allegory, this is represented by foot.

– and also by our own actions, symbolised by the hand.

How do we become dirty?

The world is an attractive place, but there is a downside.

Wherever we are, whatever we experience or do, we easily get dirty. Through our eyes and ears, without even looking for it, we perceive a lot of things that impact us negatively. We choose to consume immaterial foods on our tablets, through social networks and other devices that influence us much more than we imagine… Isn’t it a time to shower and wash?

Willingly or not, we participate, in conversations or actions that are not always benevolent.

We tell half-truths to get out of embarrassing situations. Aren’t we slipping into what we would have disapproved of a while ago?

We compare ourselves, we are envious, we judge, etc.

And what about pornography or the various places we go to?

Often, without knowing it, people get dirty and enslaved without realizing the gravity… Isn’t it a time to shower and wash?

Even if we do not engage in things that are not legally reprehensible, a lot of dirt sticks to our skin without us being able to avoid it; the problem is that it cuts us off from God who is holy…

What’s the name of these stains?

In the Bible, these stains have a name; they are called “sins”. Practically, sin tends to make us feel like we are far from God. It leaves a sense of discomfort and a slight uneasiness. Is a shower not necessary?

A time to wash up!

Just as we need to shower after a day’s work, so a daily cleansing is necessary on a spiritual level. The good news is that Jesus paid the price to wash us clean. When we received him into our hearts, He washed us once. And life went on with its share of splashes…

A daily cleaning: a fundamental necessity

A daily cleaning is therefore necessary by praying, thanking God for His cleaning, praising Him, worshipping Him, meeting Him in His Word, the Bible. We dedicate ourselves to Him. And when we take the time and care to clean ourselves before we sleep, we sleep better.

Prayer… shower and wash

“Lord, thank you for giving your life so that I could be washed clean. I realise that I have accumulated dirt this very day and I beg you to cleanse me of it.

Shine you light on the things you want me to specifically mention (as soon as the light shines in the heart, these splashes are specifically named).

Lord, I recognise those things that have soiled me, your blood cleanses me and I thank you for it.

It is so good to be at peace with God and to feel refreshed! I dedicate myself to you! I live for you; may You dwell in me and keep my thoughts and therefore my actions in you.”

God is on your side!  A beautiful day!