God works in depth in our lives (1)

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by Edwina and Martin | God works in depth in our lives

Last update: 2th February 2023

God works in depth in our lives (1)

Decisions according God’s will?

Believers in Christ who have made a firm decision to serve the Lord with all their heart are often considered to be good Christians, especially if their commitment and service are successful. However, we tend to forget that such assessments do not necessarily line up with God’s.

Galatians 2:20 says: “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”

God is first interested in our being, not our doing

In fact, God is first and foremost interested in our being, not our doing! God wants every believer to experience a profound change, one that leads him or her to think more and more like Jesus, to live a life in the image of Jesus. This is a change of nature, a change of essence, which then produces a result that reflects Jesus.

Decisions according our old ways of thinking?

In this verse, the apostle Paul reminds us that our old nature, our ways of thinking and living, have been crucified with Christ and that our primary ambition must be to be like Jesus by letting Him fill us with Himself; actions will follow and will reveal the Lord. Let us not get ahead of ourselves: let us be transformed, then act. If we do not experience His life changing us in the depths of our being, let us not think that our actions – no matter how good – will serve God’s cause.

A product of the Spirit or strictly human and natural?

Speaking of, in another Bible passage, Paul tells the Corinthians (chap. 3) that every work will undergo the trial of fire that will reveal its true nature; will it have the constitution of the Spirit of God or will it be a strictly human and natural product? This is a very serious question.

We need to adopt God’s perspective

If we help Christians to understand God’s perspective, to adhere to it as they experience His love, they will focus on what is essential:

they will have Christ as their focus and allow Him to renew them in the depths of their being, which will lead to changes in thoughts, reasoning, values, and therefore decisions and actions.

In this way, they will be inhabited by the mind of Jesus Christ and will truly serve Him: their work will truly correspond to God’s expectations.

Let’s allow God to work, by His Holy Spirit, in depth in our lives.

MARTIN BUEHLMANN                            For viametanoia.com

God is on your side! Have a great day!

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