Watercolor by Sabine Picard, painter. Work created for Viametanoia © 2022 – All rights reserved.

Via Metanoia - On the way towards transformation

To live metanoia is to experience inner metamorphoses, deep and lasting, like our caterpillar turning into a chrysalis, then a butterfly.

Watercolor by Sabine Picard, painter. Work created for Viametanoia © 2022 – All rights reserved.

Via Metanoia :

On the way towards transformation

To live metanoia is to experience inner metamorphoses, deep and lasting,

like our caterpillar turning into a chrysalis, then a butterfly

Who are we ?


We are a small team of French-speaking Christians, inspired in particular by biblical texts and our love for God, motivated to bring the ingredients of a transformed and fulfilled life to all those who wish it.

If you want to know more about Via Metanoia and this blog came to be, you can find out in one of the blog posts, entitled “A project of God for me”.

We want to support and encourage you on your journey.

You are unique. We walk with you on your identity quest so that, in turn, you may become agents of change who impact those around you.

Your life has meaning!

PS. We are looking to expand the team. 

If you are a christian, speak english and french, and you feel called to join us, we are waiting for you. Contact us as soon as possible via the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. See you soon ! 

Latest blog posts…

What is God’s plan for me?

Noah built a boat, taking into account the divine instructions ensuring the success. What is God’s plan for me? For you?

Make room for God

The Lord would like to be part of your life. Make room for him so he can settle in the house of your life

God is greater than your storms (1)

It’s the storm. You feel in danger in your boat. What are you doing and what is God doing?

God is greater than your storms (2)

Do not take your negative experiences as anchors of your life. Cut the ropes

A time to shower and wash?

Through some allegories, we rediscover a fundamental and spiritual necessity… to shower and wash ourselves

Prayers that trigger character change (1)

Aware of our dysfunctions, we cry out to God. Prayers that trigger character change. The Spirit works on us and bring us into liberation

Prayers that trigger character change (2)

When aware of our excesses, we pray. Our prayers trigger character changes. The first step is to recognize the excess, in prayer

Our differences enrich us!

The more we come into contact with our God of love, the more we are filled with the same appreciation for others

Faith and discomfort

The Bible’s most unbelievable stories required baffling faith; let us discover faith in action…

Amazing grace (1)

In a few days I undergo open heart surgery. I trust in God and enjoy peace from Him. Amazing grace

Amazing grace (2)

After my surgery, I experimented amazing grace. I am grateful to the medical team and to my God who gave me life once again

Actively believing by praising God

How do we react when we are confronted with worrying events? Actively believing by praising God, we change our opinion about the situation

A butterfly, a retired caterpillar and chrysalis

Beatrice’s testimony.
I became a butterfly because I lived inner healings by forgiving…

Michele’s testimony: in the shadow of your wings

In the shadow of Your wings… from an ordinary life, to a fulfilled and happy one…

Let go

As adolescence obliges, my son no longer wants to hear anything about God. I am at a loss. I have to learn to let go…

Favorable circumstances?

You have great self-confidence, you have a bright future; suddenly favorable circumstances change…

The power of decision

The day before a birthday party, I was assailed by negative thoughts… What shall I decide?

Testimony of Jessica, gold digger (1)

Yes, I am a special kind of gold digger! I go to the special stream that is the Bible to dig up beautiful nuggets!

Testimony of Jessica, gold digger (2)

I am a particular gold digger, a digger in the Bible! I discover that Bible is useful for our well-being

Coffee break or desert break? (1)

Desert’ times are times of forced pause that become blessed times opening us to new horizons

Coffee break or desert break? (2)

Desert’ times are times of forced pause that become blessed times, opening us to new horizons

Help each other

A word of comfort can strengthen our self-confidence at a time when doubts were beginning to assail us… It’s a way to help one another

God works in depth in our lives (1)

We belong to God. He can work beautifully and in depth in our lives, especially if we focus on Him

God works in depth in our lives (2)

We belong to God. Let God shape us, especially our character; He beautifully works in depth in our lives.

What am I focusing on?

Have you ever wondered why God allows us to be hurt and so many bad events? What are we focusing on?

Surrendering to our Heavenly Father

A baby surrenders himself in his parents’ arms. An example for me… surrendering to my Heavenly Father

Uproar on the outside and peace on the inside

In a difficult and dark situation, it’s possible to experience peace inside through prayer

Our life is in God’s hand

Silvia’s testimony. Nothing and no one can tear me down because my life is in God’s hand

Jesus, a communication Pro

Jesus was interested in people and always used language that was easy to understand… Jesus, a communication Pro

I read the Bible every day

I read some verses in the Bible every day and if possible, in the morning before I start my day

I assert my newfound identity

My father left when I was young. His absence created a feeling of rejection and insecurity in me

Be still

Be still Am I able to grasp a message? I have often found myself in situations where there was a lot of noise. So much so that I could barely hear the voice of the person I was with. As they looked at me, I could see their lips moving, but I could not hear a sound. I...

Do you feel “small”? God bet on you!

Paul means little one. God bet on him and he became a great man. God is betting on you who feels small

Connecting better with God

What does God tell me through certain circumstances? I need to connect better with Him to replace the negative

Touched by the love of God

Touched by the unconditional love of God, I received it. He welcomed me and my life changed.

Forgiveness as a source of liberation

Forgiveness and prayer do not only bless others, but they also bless you…

Appropriating the Lord’s forgiveness

I had doubts about whether the Lord had truly forgiven me, because I did not feel his forgiveness…

Taking care of our emotions

The Lord likes us to be connected to Him. But negative emotions and feelings mess up our relationship with God

Heart to heart with the Lord

The Lord seeks connection with us, every day. What’s preventing us from doing so?


“Count God’s blessings, put them all before your eyes, and you will see, as you worship, how great the number is.”

God, the Almighty, does not act alone

If He wants to do something on this earth, God the Almighty does not act alone. Collaborate with Him

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